Dreamcatcher Tips | How to Play and Win Guide

Dream Catcher is frequently encountered at premier live casinos, and it presents a fresh iteration of the money wheel (or carnival wheel). The game showcases a sizable vertical wheel divided into 54 sections, encompassing six numbers available for betting and two segments incorporating multipliers.

If you have been searching for a straightforward approach to enhance your performance in Dream Catcher, you have landed in the correct location. By adhering to our uncomplicated instructions, you can elevate your gameplay within a matter of minutes.

How to Play Dream Catcher

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Fundamental Regulations and Wagering Limits

Playing Dream Catcher is incredibly straightforward. The wheel comprises 52 segments numbered accordingly, along with two multiplier segments labelled 2x and 7x.

To engage in the game, simply place your bet on the number where you believe the wheel will come to a halt. The payout odds align with the numbers themselves, making them easy to remember. For instance, a successful bet on 5 will yield a payout of 5/1 (6.00), while a winning bet on 10 will result in a payout of 10/1 (11.00) – and so on.

The Bonus Spin Multiplier

In the event that the wheel stops on a multiplier segment, all existing bets remain valid. No new bets are accepted, and the wheel is spun once again.

The outcome of the subsequent spin determines the winning wager as per usual, but the odds are multiplied by either 2x or 7x, depending on the multiplier segment on which the wheel previously stopped.

If the wheel halts on another multiplier, all bets remain in place once more, and the payout from the previous spin is further multiplied. The host proceeds with additional spins until the wheel ultimately lands on a non-multiplier segment, signifying the conclusion of the spin. Successive multipliers are multiplied together, resulting in substantial multiplier-based winnings.

Refer to the table below for the distribution of numbers on the wheel and the corresponding payout odds.

dreamcatcher result

Dream Catcher Odds

Wheel number and colourPaysSegmentsHouse Edge
1 Yellow1:1234.66%
2 Blue2:1154.49%
5 Purple5:178.76%
10 Green10:143.42%
20 Orange20:127.26%
40 Red40:119.19%
X2 Black/silverx2 multiplier next number1n/a
X7 Black/goldx7 multiplier next number1n/a

Strategies For Big Winnings

1. The Multiplier Magic

Here’s a strategy that targets the big multipliers on the wheel, specifically the 2x and 7x sections. By placing bets on the 5, 10, 20, and 40 sections, you’re positioning yourself in the high-reward zone of the game.

  • How It Works: Covering these numbers means that if a multiplier lands, you’ve got a good shot at a big win, thanks to your wide spread across the wheel’s valuable areas. For example, a £1 bet on the 40 section can turn into a stunning £280 win if a 7x multiplier hits.
  • Pros: Excellent chance for hefty wins.
  • Cons: Moderate risk involved. If you’re a more cautious player, you might prefer the next approach.

2. Steady Gains: The Low & Slow Approach

If the idea of consistent wins appeals to you, this strategy focuses on the 1 and 2 sections. It’s like placing even-money bets in roulette.

  • How It Works: By exclusively betting on these numbers, you cover over half of the wheel (38 out of 54 sections). The payouts may be smaller, but your chances of hitting a multiplier and winning frequently are enhanced.
  • Pros: More steady and predictable wins. Great for those looking to play longer without draining their funds too quickly.
  • Cons: Lower rewards. If you’re after bigger thrills, look back at strategy #1 or forward to #3.

3. The Thrill-Seeker’s Choice: High Risk, High Reward

This is for the adventurous players who don’t shy away from taking risks. It’s like walking into a casino and betting everything on one number.

  • How It Works: Your eyes are on the 20 and 40 sections – the highest payouts on the wheel. Imagine hitting a 40x bet that then gets a 7x multiplier. Now double that multiplier, and you’re looking at a staggering 1960x return.
  • Pros: The potential for massive wins.
  • Cons: You’re covering only 3 out of 54 spaces (5.55% of the wheel), so expect some waiting and nail-biting between big wins.
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Tips for Playing Dream Catcher

In addition to the Dream Catcher casino tactics, there exist fundamental guidelines for the game that players should adhere to regardless of their chosen approach.

  • The outcomes of previous rounds do not dictate the future results. Within the user interface, you will find the outcomes of several past games. Attempting to predict future segments based on this information is futile and can lead you astray from your strategy, potentially resulting in rapid loss of control.
  • Allocate a designated amount of money for playing and adhere to effective bankroll management. It is evident that wagering half of your balance in a single round, especially when employing high-risk strategies, is unwise. Assess your bets in relation to the level of risk involved and never gamble with funds that you are not prepared to lose.
  • Avoid playing while in a state of tilt. Any recommendations and strategies become insignificant when a player loses control. These brief outbursts of frustration or anger can prove costly, so it is crucial to engage in the game only when in a calm state of mind and at stakes that are within your means. You do not have to participate in every round. After experiencing a losing streak, it is advisable to skip a few games in order to regain your composure.

As you can observe, relying solely on a Dream Catcher casino strategy may not guarantee a successful game. It is equally important to adhere to the fundamental principles of gambling, as they can significantly improve your odds of success.


What’s the Smart Way to Play Dream Catcher for Regular Wins?

The secret to consistent victories in Dream Catcher lies in spreading your bets across the 1, 2, and 20 segments. This way, you’re covering over 70% of the wheel, giving you a great shot at regular wins. If luck’s on your side, you might even hit that profitable 20 segment or snag a win boosted by multipliers.

How to Go Big? 

If you’re after the big bucks, focus your bets on the elusive 40 segment. With only a 1.8% chance of hitting it, this strategy is a bold move, but the potential payout is the highest on the wheel. Add in the multiplier segments, and you could see wins multiplied by hundreds. Be ready for a thrilling ride, and keep in mind that patience might be required, as there’s only one 40 segment on the wheel.

Can You Use the Martingale Betting System in Dream Catcher?

Absolutely! The Martingale strategy can be adapted to Dream Catcher. Simply stick to betting on the 1 segment. If you lose, double your stake; when you win, go back to your starting bet. With a 42.5% chance of success using this method, it adds an interesting twist to the game.

What’s the Sky-High Winning Potential in Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher can lead you to wins that are thousands of times your original bet. Those magical multiplier segments can stack and send winnings skyrocketing. Imagine landing a 7x multiplier followed by another 7x – that’s a 49x boost! Apply that to a segment like 40, and you could walk away with a mind-blowing 1,960x your total bet.


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