What Is the Most Reliable Betting App in South Africa?

Downloading a good betting app takes a lot of research, time, and resources. Having said that, in this article, we are going to do that research for you and present you with the best betting apps in South Africa. For us to get a detailed review to this effect, we are going to be looking at the features and bonuses that this app has that set them apart from the others. 


The reason why we picked Supabet to be at the top of my list is the fact that users have the chance to bet not only on games before they begin but also on the game while the games are on (live games). This feature is made available in various games such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Formula 1, etc. Once you download the app, you will be excited to know that it offers up to 28 different sporting bets, slot games, and casino games. Virtual games, esports, and many more. How awesome can that be, right? New users are also given an R50 free bet bonus upon registration and a welcome bonus of up to R2,000 after the first deposit.


HollywoodBets is a well-known name when it comes to betting, and it comes in second on the list. It offers the user a R25 welcome bonus upon completion of the registration of the account. It has a top-notch user interface that allows users to navigate through the app without experiencing any glitches. It offers up to 30 different sporting events, which include football, basketball, hockey, horse racing, and tennis. An amazing feature of this app is the fact that it’s a data-free app.

Tic tac bets 

Are you surprised that this newbie got a spot on the list? Yes, it did. We went through this amazing app and saw something great. It offers new users up to an R2,000 welcome bonus plus  20 free spins to be used only on pragmatic games. It has a live streaming feature that enables users to get the most out of live betting. It also covers thousands of sporting activities ranging from football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc. 


Users of this app can only enjoy features such as sports betting, casinos, live casino games, live bets, mobile cash out, and live streaming. The live streaming is limited to a few specific sports, like football. It offers users a 100% welcome bonus on a deposit of up to R2,000, plus 50 free spins.


Users are given a welcome bonus of up to R1,000 on their first deposit and an additional welcome bonus of R25 worth of free bets on completion of registration. It has a live match and pre-match betting features that cover up to 25 sporting events. 

Factors to Consider When Picking a Betting App 

  1. Legality: You must first check if the site is backed by a government body and has the licence to run its affairs. This is of high importance as your funds will be involved, and you have to be sure that they are in safe hands.
  2. Do a background check to see if they have good security and are not prone to being hacked by hackers. 
  3. Properly go through their “Terms and Conditions” to know if it’s something you can obey. 
  4. Betting features: Do a proper check on the various features present on the app and see if it is something you are okay with and can make use of easily 
  5. Transaction requirement/ process: Always check if the requirements for deposit and withdrawal are something you can meet to avoid being stocked after deposit or registration.
  6. Bonus and promotion: there are so many betting apps with great bonuses and promotions out there, so look for the one with a very good offer. But remember not to be clouded by this bonus, and check out other important features. 


In the end, choosing the best app is an added advantage when gambling. Having a bookmaker that works seamlessly is something we all look forward to when on a betting app because it removes the stress of navigation, which may lead to a slight frustration that leads to poor decision-making.   

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